NAME: Danon Dvora nee Senyor


DATE OF BIRTH: February 29, 1932

Dvora, daughter of David and Zehava was born on February 29,1932 in  Aliyah Street, the western portion of which belonged to Jaffa, and its  eastern part belonged to Tel-Aviv. At night a curfew was instituted in the Arab part. In her building the British Police resided and most of the Policemen were Arab. Her father, native of Greece, had radical nationalist opinions, and had made Aliyah following Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s visit to Greece in the 30’s. He was severely injured during the 1936 riots, but stood trial nonetheless, and the judge placed him on probation.

Three elements influenced Dvora’s outlook and way of life. Her father’s injury, living near the British Police, and Dr. Greiber of Biyalik School where she studied, a 7th Grade educator and  nationalist who educated for love of homeland and detesting the foreign occupier. She also studied at the School for Commerce. Aged 13 she joined Beitar, which led her to Etzel, and participated in the last Commanders Course which took place before Beitar was declared illegal. She joined Etzel in the 9th Unit (Gunda), and at the end of 1947  joined Lehi and participated in the weapons course at Petach-Tikva. When Lehi joined the IDF, she enlisted  despite her young age. She wanted to become a Commanding Officer, but the IDF was not interested in having officers who had been Lehi members. Then with Aviva Sa’adya (Yael) she volunteered for Sodom, which was under siege.

She flew there in a Dakota  plane, nicknamed “Primus” because of its noise. She stayed three months in Sodom. Following the assassination of Count Bernadotte, she left the army and worked for the Warrior Party‘s first election campaign. In 1950 she joined the IDF again, and this time, despite having declared her Lehi membership  she was accepted. Dvora participated in the first Air-Force course for radar and Operations.

She married Moshe 1950, and  has two sons and four grandchildren. After having worked twenty-five years as an accountant, she retired.