Eli was born in Tiberias,  November 14,1928 to Simcha and Meir. He studied at “Levinsky School”, Tel-Aviv. After graduating, he worked as a trainee engineer at “Hama’avir” bus garage (“Dan”) Tel-Aviv. He befriended nationalist youngsters and joined Lehi 1945.

For this, he approached  poster distributors, but  their watchman beat him, chasing him away. In his second try he gave one of them a note with his name and address. He was called in to the Reception Committee, underwent ideology  and weapons training courses at the Ra’anana House with instructor Yig’al. Eli was integrated into Dept. Six and  sent to watch British vehicles driving to Jerusalem. But he demanded to participate in combat activities.

He participated in an operation on Yarkon St Tel-Aviv, participated in confiscating diamonds on Allenby St. and attacking British soldiers in Tel-Aviv in retribution for Alexander Robovitsch’s kidnapping in Jerusalem. He was afterwards transferred to Haifa and participated in operations with Go’el (Ya’acov Panso). He operated an electric mine against a British jeep, infiltrated Haifa Port to explode a kerosene tank, detonated the device but the tank was empty. He shot a British officer and confiscated his weapon.

During the assassination operation of CID Commander Conquest, he stood in covering position for the executors. August 1947, in preparing the assassination of CID Sgt Kelly, Eli was driving  in the car with Go’el and Avner, when the noise-grenade in his pocket suddenly erupted. He tried throwing it out the window, but it had exploded  severing  his right hand. Avner, who drove, was injured in his neck, and the two were captured. Eli was rushed to hospital. They stood trial, were sentenced to 20 years and incarcerated in  Akko Prison.

After November 29,1947 all Jewish Prisoners were transferred to Atlit Camp, then freed after Independence. Due to his disability, he was exempt from military service. He opened a Tnuva store in Giv’atayim. In 1954,  recognised as IDF-Disabled he was employed in the Jaffa Shekem store. He later received a taxi license and was elected Director of the National Taxi Owners’ Organization, serving  28 years, until retirement. Eli married Rachel Nethan’el 1957. They had three children, six grandchildren. For twelve years Eli managed  Ramat-Gan’s “Hako’ach” soccer team.