Nechemia was born in Sosnovitsch, Poland on August 29,1929 to Benny and Guta, youngest of three children, then lost his father while still a baby. Aged three he made Aliyah with his mother and sister Sarah 1932, following  brother Yitzchak. They resided in Tel-Aviv. After  finishing elementary school, he went to Agricultural School at Ben- Shemen. Aged 15, he joined the Jewish Guard Force serving in its Coastal Patrol.

During  WWII, 1944-1946, he served as a sailor in the British Royal Navy. During this period he joined Lehi, but began active service after discharge. With his military background, he was transferred to the Operations Department, which was in its prime 1946-1948. He underwent a combat course, followed by an Officers’ Course. In those years, when combat operations against the foreign occupier had intensified, he participated in  many operations  especially in 1947, and in Lehi’s operations on the Arab Front during the first half of 1948.

After establishment of the State and Lehi’s rise from underground, he joined the IDF  May 29,1948  at Lehi’s collective conscription. With most of his Lehi friends, he joined the 8th Brigade, and participated in its great battles – from the Lod airport to the victory in the Southern front, Operation Yoav, and  conquest of the southern terrains and the Sinai forefront during Operation Chorev. After the War of Independence ended, he continued serving, and graduated the Armoured Commanders’ Course’s 8th Class 1951.

In his thirty years in the IDF he served in various  positions, until graduating from the  Command and HQ School 1966-1967. He became  Brigade Deputy Commander and completed  Battalion Commanders’ course. He became Quartermaster HQ Head of the Supply Corps. In 1967-1972 he was among the pillars of the IDF delegation training the Ethiopian Army. After completing Command School, he studied General History at Tel-Aviv University, 1967-1968. He was discharged from the IDF July 1980, as a Colonel. Nechemia married Yehudit nee Mimon-Wodinski 1952; they had four daughters, Pnina, Michal, Yael and Tamar (twins), and nine grandchildren.

Nechemia passed away  aged 62, March 9,1992 .