Adam was born May 18,1929 in Tel-Aviv. His parents Noami and Yehushua,  emigrated from Russia 1923, settled in Tel-Aviv and took part in establishing the town. They had seven children. His father owned a restaurant at the time while his mother raised their seven children. Adam studied at  Biyalik School, and afterwards attended “Max Fine Vocational High School”. In 1941, aged 13, he was recruited to Lehi. As a young boy he distributed info-bulletins and materials. Later he underwent weapons training, explosives training, and participated in many operations against the British army.

With the outbreak of the War of Independence 1948, he joined the IDF with most of Lehi’s members and served in the Paratrooper Corps. It is unclear as to why he joined the Paratroopers rather than the 8th Brigade, where most Lehi members were serving. His brother Aharon Dadashov, volunteered for the Palmach and was killed during the battle of Jerusalem on April 29,1948, in the St-Simon Monastery, Katmon neighbourhood. At the end of the war he was discharged from his military duties. As a  reservist he served in the Transport Corps, transporting weapons and supplies during the Sinai Campaign, the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War. After discharge he worked as a building contractor in his father’s construction company.

When his father died the company came under his administration. He was an honest man, modest, with a highly developed sense of humour. He was a pleasant conversationalist, interesting and intelligent. Very knowledgeable in many areas, he excelled in knowledge of his country, and knew almost every place in Israel and its history. He was a brave man. He was never complaining or asking for help from anyone, even during his last days, while seriously ill and  suffering.

Adam passed away in Tel-Aviv on  December 5,1999, and was buried in the “Yarkon” Cemetery. Adam was not married and had no children.