NAME: Cohen Yosef


DATE OF BIRTH: November 25, 1923

DATE FALLEN: November 1, 1956

Yosef was born on November 25,1923, to his parents Ezra and Tamar in Alexandria. The family made aliyah in 1935, and twelve-year-old Yosef started high school in the Land of Israel. After he completed his studies, he began working as a printer.

Yosef joined the Hagana and loyally served in its ranks. However, as time passed, he became more and more dissatisfied with the response of the organized Yishuv and Hagana towards the antisemitic actions of the British Mandate, on the one hand, and the combative “subversive” underground, on the other hand. When he read Lehi’s HeHazit, he felt that the words spoke to him, so in 1944, he left the Hagana and joined Lehi.

For four years, Yosef (now known by Amnon, his underground nom de guerre) lived the harsh life of an underground fighter, but he found great satisfaction in the work, a sense of belonging. As a printer, he contributed a great deal to the activity of the underground in this essential area.

After the establishment of the State, Yosef joined the IDF just like the other Lehi members. Together with his comrades, he joined the 8th Brigade, “the old man’s bigrade,” named after its commander, Yitzhak Sadeh. He served in the armored Battalion 82, fighting in Operation Danny, Operation Yoav, the capture of Beersheba in Operation Horeb — all the way to Abu Agila and el-Arish — and all the way back, in a retreat compelled upon them by the powers that be.

With the end of the War of Independence and the disbanding of the 8th Brigade, Yosef joined the Israel Air Force, serving there until 1953. When he was demobilized, he found himself back in the Armored Corps for reserve duty.

During the few years between the end of his regular army service and the Sinai War, he began working in publishing. His books were from the “Israeli Library” and “HaKore”. When war broke out, he was once again called up for reserve duty in the Armored Corps, and was killed in action on November 1,1956. He was buried in a temporary grave, but on 6.11.1957, he was re-interred in the Kiryat Shaul Military Cemetery.

He left a wife and three children.