NAME: Cohen Yaacov


DATE OF BIRTH: 6 June, 1928

DATE OF DEATH: 30 January, 2011

Yaacov Cohen, son of Selha and Judea, was born in Jerusalem in 1928. In 1944 he joined the Lehi resistance in Jerusalem and was an active fighter. In September 1947, he was detained by the British in the Geula neighborhood and remained in custody in Kieshla until November 1947. After his release, he returned to his underground activities.

He participated with Ezra Yachin “Al-Nakam” in an attack on two Britons near the Israel Taxi station and the attack on the Ritz Cafe. Yaacov participated in the battle for Deir Yassin, where he was seriously wounded by bullets fired at his abdomen and chest. After the declaration of independence, he served in the Air Force. He married Shulamit Raviof. He worked as a driver at the Agricultural School in Jerusalem. After his retirement, he worked at a taxi service in Jerusalem.

Yaacov died on January 30th, 2011, and was laid to rest in Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.