NAME: Cohen Shauli Daniel




Daniel was born in 1932 in Jerusalem to Rahamim and Esther Cohen, who made aliya to Israel from Persia during the Ottoman rule. His family was wealthy – they had a winery, a grocery store and other properties in Jerusalem. Daniel studied at the Takamani School in Jerusalem. The family added the additional surname “Shauli” so they would be able to identify and locate the family in the future.

Daniel was very willing to sacrifice and jeopardize his safety for the people of Israel, and like the other fighters, he was determined to establish an independent Jewish state in Israel.

At first, Daniel was active in the Etzel and was caught hanging the organization’s posters and sent to the detention camp in Latrun for several months. At the same time, his brother Yitzhak, who was active in Lehi, was also arrested. After they were both released, Yitzhak recruited his brother Daniel into Lehi.

As part of his activities in Lehi, Daniel hung posters and built IEDs. At nights, he would go with his friends to confiscate radios and weapons for the resistance. The confiscated equipment was hidden under the floor boards in the family’s synagogue “Kashi Shauli”.

He married Rachel Levi Carmeni, with whom he had a son, Avidan. Then, in 1966, Daniel married Batya and they had seven children and twenty-seven grandchildren.

Daniel died in 1981 and left behind a bountiful generation that will remember him, admire his courage and contribution for the people and state of Israel.

He was laid to rest in the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.