NAME: Cohen Devora nee Kapshuk



DATE OF DEATH: December 14, 2011

Devora was born in 1915 in Sarna, Poland, to Miriam and Binyamin Kapshuk. Miriam worked in a bathhouse, Binyamin was a butcher and the family kept a vegetable garden just outside Sarna. The family had eight children and lived a religious life.

Devora studied in the Tarbut Hebrew school, as well as a Polish school. She joined Beitar at a young age and was a very active member. In 1936, she made aliyah “legally” by pretending to marry a pioneer on a kibbutz. As soon as they arrived in the Land of Israel, the “couple” split up, Devora settled in Tel Aviv, working in a sausage restaurant while continuing to be active in Beitar. She married (for real this time) and had a son, but this marriage also ended. Devora then met Tzvi Cohen, whom she knew from the time of her aliyah. He was a Lehi member, and she joined too in 1945, though she was caring for a child.

She worked in Sheikh Munis, with “Adam” being her supervisor. She ran the kitchen while being trained in firearms and field maneuvers at night. She smuggled weapons to various places and to her comrades who were on duty. She helped get supplies and firearms to Jerusalem and Haifa. She was caught by the British and imprisoned in Jaffa under suspicion of collaborating with Lehi. However, she was freed when this charge could not be proven.

When Lehi was disbanded, she married Tzvi Cohen and they moved to Petah Tikva. Tzvi had a garage on Jaffa-Tel Aviv Street. They had a boy and a girl. She volunteered to help fight the spread of tuberculosis, an endeavor she was dedicated to for four years. Later they moved to Ramat Gan.

Tzvi fell ill and died on February 23,1963. After he died, she worked as a waitress at El-Al’s headquarters, in a supermarket and in the “Piquant” factory.

Devora had two sons and a daughter, as well as numerous grandchildren. An energetic woman, she not only worked but took care of an elderly woman. She loved ballroom dancing in social settings and became famous for it.