NAME: Cohen, Amitzur



Amitzur was born in 1927 to Aharon and Miriam Cohen, who were among the founders of the settlement of Binyamina. He grew up and still lives there. He spent most of his life as an agricultural worker. In 1946, he joined Lehi, though his father and older brother were Hagana members and local commanders.

Amitzur took part in Lehi operations, such as derailing trains by laying mines on the tracks and blowing up the large railway bridge by Hotem HaCarmel. He also attacked the Arab ghaffirs who guarded the bridge after the British repaired it, an operation which a number of Hagana members from Binyamina participated in; indeed, he was the one to give them arms. After this, his parents learned of his Lehi membership, creating unbearable tension in the family home.

Thus, after getting the approval of his Lehi superiors, he was one of the first to enlist in the IDF, long before the rest of Lehi joined the 8th Brigade. He served in the Alexandroni Brigade, in all its combat operations, in an weapons company. In 1949, he transferred to the Golani Brigade, to battalion 19, in an armored company. In this capacity, he participated in the capture of Eilat.

After being demobilized, he returned to Binyamina and his parents’ farm. He also worked in the quarry there, operating heavy machinery.

In 1956, he married Shifra Shoham. They had a son and daughter and now have numerous grandchildren.