Fruma, daughter of Yitzhak Abba and Tsipora, was born 1929 in the town of Keltzav Poland. Her parents were religious, and she had one sister. Their Gur Rabbi disapproved their request to make aliya. In 1939 her father was informed they’d been awarded an Immigration Certificate as part of his membership in ‘Agudat-Yisrael’. This time he asked the Rabbi only for his blessing, not  permission.

The family made aliya settling in the Florentine neighborhood, Tel- Aviv. Fruma finished her studies at ‘Beit-Ya’acov’ School, continued at the Seminary without graduating, and went to work in a bank. During their childhood  Ze’ev Horev resided close to where Fruma  lived as a child. In 1947 they got engaged. Ze’ev recruited Fruma to Lehi: her code-name was Chassida. Her underground activity included serving as a contact person in for various tasks. When the Supporters Unit was created, she led one of its cells. Contact with these supporters  provided Lehi with much intelligence information. Her marriage to Ze’ev, 1948, and establishing their home on Messilat-Ha’olim St Tel Aviv, increased her involvement and she welcomed escapees from  Jerusalem Prison. Her home served as a  meeting place, office, and a point from which to  plan future operations.

Being married,  Fruma was exempt from military service. She continued working in the bank, and later at the Ministry of Health until  retirement.  Fruma has two married sons, and seven grandchildren.