NAME: Chissin Arieh


DATE OF BIRTH: March 12, 1932

Arieh, son of Rivka and Isaac was born March 12,1932 in Rishon-Lezion, youngest of his three brothers and four sisters. The home was traditional orthodox. After finishing Talmud-Torah in Rishon, he  studied at ‘Tel Aviv Yeshiva’ and ‘Montefiore Vocational School’. He took a Labor Ministry radio-tech course. Later he completed his studies with honors at Queens College New-York, and went to NYU. At age fourteen while reading a Lehi publication, he encountered a young girl who told him about the underground, and after a while recruited him to Lehi.

He joined a group of youngsters who put up info-bulletins and engaged in ideology talks. Later he printed posters on an old Gestetner. He participated in surveillance along the railroad track,  and couriered  materials headed for Lehi’s radio station, near Carmel Market, Tel-Aviv. He recruited new members to expand the Lehi Rishon-Lezion branch. He did an instructors course in Sheikh-Munis and assisted in preparing weapons and ammunition for transporting to besieged Jerusalem. He worked  some time  on the ‘Mivrak’ magazine staff, and stayed a while at ‘Neveh-Yair’.  Arieh served in the IDF Signals Corps 1950-1952. He worked as a technician for a telephone servicing company, and later independantly.

He specialized in therapeutic communication and repair and fitting of hearing-aids. In 1954 Arieh married Bat-Sheva Flaubert, granddaughter of Bilu member Yitzhak Chernov. In 1968 he emigrated to the US with his wife and two children; daughter of fourteen, son of ten. They’ve lived in New York ever since. He attempted settling in Israel but was unsuccessful. Arieh runs an agency for custom-fitted hearing aids, having received the BCHIS (Board Certificate Hearing Instrument Sciences) Degree. He’s a member of the International Hearing Association (IHA), and an active Freemason.

He was ‘Grand  Representative’ of  Israel’s ‘Ark-of-the-Covenant Hall’  to New-York state.  He is licensed to connect antique telephones to the American telephone system. Arieh and his wife have two children and two grandchildren. Daughter Orna and son Uri have returned to live in Israel.