Baruch, third of four sons to Dora and Arieh, was born in Lithuania 1921 to a well established nationalist Zionist Jewish family. His father was a physician.

The family made aliya 1924 and settled in Tel Aviv where his father opened a clinic. Baruch studied at ‘Tahkemoni’ and later at ‘Herzliya High-School’.

He received a driver’s license at a young age, earning his living as a driver while fighting in the underground, as well as working as a technician in the British Army, using his mobility for Lehi purposes. Baruch worked together with a Lehi-supportive doctor, who treated wounded underground members. He also transported fighters on the move and weapons. He helped prepare sabotage materials at Lehi’s Sheikh-Munis base.  In 1948 Baruch married Zelda Ravzav. When all Lehi fighters were enlisting he was retained as a civilian driver for war-time purposes, since he drove for ‘Shelev’ transport company, and held a heavy vehicles driver’s licence. For many years Baruch worked as a civilian for the IDF, at the emergency supply headquarters. He retired for health reasons.  After the assassination of Count Bernadotte he went into hiding fearing arrest, then returned to political activities with his underground comrades. He was in contact with Nationalist elements in the country, and very concerned by Israel’s   political situation. Baruch and Zelda had two sons and two grandchildren.

Baruch passed away in Tel-Aviv, after a long illness, on September 4,1991.