Yehoshua was born in Tel Aviv January 1915 to Rivka, native of Jerusalem, and Yitzhak, of Russian origin. He studied at a Tel Aviv elementary school, but stopped studies early and joined the British Police force. He was sent on a police course in Jerusalem and made  Constable.

After several years in the force he decided to return to civilian life. Quitting the force, he became an apprentice barber at a barbershop at Gruzenberg St. Tel Aviv, there he worked many years. In 1941 Yehoshua married Clara Pomerantz, daughter to a German family which had made aliya in the thirties. Yehoshua and Clara had three children: Amnon, Tamar and Avigail. In the mid-1940s he joined Lehi, underwent training, and engaged in diverse tasks, including hiding weapons in the barbershop and dyeing the hair of underground members wanted by the police, who had to change their identity and appearance.

During a surprise search at the barbershop, detectives found bullets and a pistol. He was arrested, interrogated, and sent to Jaffa prison for a few months. Following the UN Partition Resolution November 19,1947, that sparked Arab riots against the Jews throughout the country, Yehoshua joined the forces  organizing towards establishment of the IDF. He served in the army until the end of the War of Independence and was wounded in the legs in a convoy headed for Jerusalem.

After the War and his discharge from the IDF he returned to work at the barbershop and began seeking other occupations. He whitewashed new buildings then established  his own small business supplying and transporting  materials and parcels for merchants, between Tel Aviv and Netanya. He later began supplying paints and chemicals to a Netanya factory and in 1972, bought the factory and managed it with son Amnon, until he passed away.

Yehoshua passed away aged 86, on November 10,2000. He was laid to rest in the old cemetery of Rishon-Lezion. He is survived by his wife, three children and seven grandchildren.