David, eldest of five brothers, was born in Yemin-Moshe  Jerusalem December 28, 1927.  His father Michael-Zvi was a shochet, a learned Bible scholar, son to the Charlap family, members of whom were founders of Poland’s Jewish community and pioneer students of the Vilnius Gaon,  who’d settled in Jerusalem 1840. His mother Shoshana, née Cohen Globerman was Jerusalem born. His Hebron born grandmother built the first house in ‘Sha’arei- Hessed’ neighborhood.

David’s childhood was spent in the ‘Knesset’ neighborhood; he studied at the ‘Etz- Hayim’ yeshiva. David joined the ‘Brit- Hachashmonaim’ movement and later Lehi, where he was responsible for youth, information and bulletins.  Haganah members informed on him for tailing British officers, therefore he hid  in his grandfather’s attic. He was a  skilled weapons tech, handling all kinds of weapons with great technical ability: only he could assemble Fiat guns  arriving dissembled, hidden in gypsum barrels. During a joint Etzel/Lehi attempt to break into the Russian Compound prison, he and his friend Eliezer were in charge of supplying the weapons and hiding them in empty milk canisters.  During the War of Independence, David participated in the attack on Notre-Dame. He was in charge of the armory at the ‘Eldad Base’, Lifta. He participated, and was wounded, in the battle of Deir- Yassin, and in the attack on the Arab Gangs HQ in Sheikh-Jerach, rescuing Sarah and Todi Pell’ee during the withdrawal.

David joined the IDF serving in the ‘Etzioni’ and ‘Givati’ Brigades. As reservist, he served as a signaler in the 120 mm. Mortar Battalion of the Jerusalem Brigade. He participated in the Sinai Campaign, the Six Day War and was among the liberators of Rachel’s Tomb and the ‘Cave of Machpela’.  David married Esther Mu’alam 1953. They had five children and twenty grandchildren and resided in Beit-Hakerem Jerusalem.

From 1951 until retirement in 1993, he worked at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in charge of food import, and was the Ministry’s representative in the Supreme Emergency Economy Committee. David passed away in October 16, 1993..