Nissim was born  1924 in Rada Yemen to Chaim and Ganya. His father passed away when he was young; his mother raised her three children alone. As a child he studied in a ‘cheder’.  In 1943, aged 19, he heard that orphans and widows were being sent to Eretz-Yisrael. He informed his oldest brother that he intended to make aliya and received his brother’s blessing for it. He made his way from Rada to Aden by foot, an approximately ten-day journey. In Aden he boarded a ship  sailing to Port-Said Egypt. From there he traveled by train to Atlit Israel. From Atlit he went to the ‘Shabazi’ neighborhood of Tel Aviv, where he lived and took on various jobs. In 1945 he was recruited to Lehi and pasted up info-bulletins. On one of his working nights he was caught, sent to ‘Kishle Prison’ Jaffa, then transferred to ‘Latrun Prison’. Two months later,1946, he was exiled to the ‘Gilgil’ Prison Camp, Kenya. He remained there two years, returning only on July 12,1948, after the British withdrew and the State had been established.

He was then recruited to the IDF, and served in the 68th Battalion of the ‘Moria Brigade’. He underwent a  paramedics course and served as one throughout his military service both in regular army and in reserves. In 1951 Nissim married Shoshana Chadad. They have three children, eight grandchildren. The family has left Tel-Aviv  for Nes-Ziona  and live there since . During his military service Nissim participated in the wars of Israel and was awarded the Order of Independence, the Order of Sinai, the Order of the Six- Day- War and the Order of the Yom-Kippur War. Throughout the years after discharge, Nissim worked as an agricultural instructor in the ‘Adir’ citrus-fruit packinghouse  Rehovot during winters, and during summers as  agricultural worker in the ‘Tirat-Shalom’ orchard, until his retirement in 1989.  Nissim is amiable, easy-going, and an ardent reader.