NAME: Hakim Eliahu


DATE OF BIRTH: January 2, 1925

DATE FALLEN: March 22, 1945

Eliahu was born on January 2,1925 in Beirut Lebanon, to Shimon and Paulina. He had three older brothers and a younger sister. Aged seven, the family made aliya and settled in Haifa. His father was a highly respected textile merchant. Eliahu studied at ‘Alliance’ school and  ‘Re’ali High-School’. Recruited to Etzel aged 15, he joined Lehi after the split. He completely dedicated himself  to  underground activitiy. After Yair’s murder, the underground  entered a phase of confusion. Eliahu joined the British army. He made his brother’s apartment available to Yitshak Shamir for reorganizing Lehi. He secretly distributed info-material among Jewish soldiers; as  soldier, he traveled to Egypt and smuggled  back  ammunition and weapons for Lehi. As Lehi activities increased,  he deserted the British army early 1944, and rejoined the fighters in the Tel- Aviv region. He engaged in training, took part in operations. On August 8,1944, he took part in the assassination attempt of High Commissioner MacMichael.  When  Lehi headquarters decided to assassinate Lord Moyne, British Colonies Minister in Cairo, Eliahu and his friend Eliahu Beit-Tzuri were chosen for this assignment. He traveled to Cairo in soldier’s uniform. On  November 6,1944 they assassinated Moyne. While retreating they were captured and stood trial. They chose to utilize the trial as a platform for their cause. In his speech, Eliahu said: “We accuse Lord Moyne and his government of killing thousands of our brothers and sisters by stealing our homeland… where is the Law which should have prosecuted them for their crime? Where could we possibly have turned to for justice?…no other choice remained for us apart from  ensuring justice be done.” The trial received worldwide attention, and in Egypt demonstrations were held supporting the accused. British pressure on Egyptian Government was immense and prevailed: they were sentenced to death by hanging. Despite protests throughout the world, on March 22,1945 the two were executed. Standing at the gallows, Eliahu commenced singing ‘Hatikva’. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery of Cairo.  On June 26,1975 their bones were taken to Israel and re-interred during a military funeral upon Mount Herzl.

הנצחה באנדרטה ביער לח”י במשמר איילון
שמו של אליהו חכים חרוט על לוח באנדרטה ביער לח”י
לבנת זיכרון על שם אליהו חכים בהיכל הזיכרון הממלכתי בהר הרצל
הנצחה בפתח תקווה – יד ל-3 חברי לח”י עולי הגרדום
הנצחה באנדרטת עולי הגרדום בכיכר גרונר ברמת גן