Rachamim was born in Jerusalem on December 31,1927 to Yermiyahu and Batya. He studied at a Talmud Torah; when the family moved to Tel Aviv in 1938, he continued at ‘Aliya’ elementary and high-school. He joined Etzel  early 1940, and after the split, joined Lehi early 1943. He spoke Arabic from childhood and easily passed as an Arab. He underwent ideology courses, weapons training and participated in diverse operations. Late 1947, after the UN Partition Resolution and  outbreak of Arab riots, he was assigned the risky task of scouting out  Jaffa  in preparation for  operations.

Disguised as an Arab, carrying Arab ID, he boarded a bus for Jaffa. At the entrance of town he was checked by guards from the Arab Gangs, passed safely, and scouted the ‘Seraya’ area, where Arab Headquarters directing the murderous Riots, was located. He returned safely. Based on his report, an attack was planned. Two weeks later he drove a truck filled  with concealed explosives  intended for blowing up the ‘Saraya’ building. He raised suspicion. A chase ensued, gunfire was exchanged. Rachamim managed to return to Tel Aviv. He went returned on January 4,1948 in a different truck, with his friend Elisha Ivazov. They had been provided an entry permit to Jaffa Port. This time they were luckier –  it was drizzling, the Arab guards had gone for cover. They parked in a lane near the building, activated the mechanism and took off.

Reaching Jerusalem Blvd. they heard a tremendous blast. Passer-bys  suspected they were Jewish. With enormous difficulty they managed to escape and reach Tel-Aviv. The Saraya building was destroyed, many Arab gang-members and their commanders killed, many injured. Great anxiety struck Jaffa’s Arab inhabitants.  Rachamim joined the IDF with the other Lehi members and served in the 8th Brigade’s 82nd Battalion. During one of his leaves, he reached Jerusalem to join Lehi forces in their attempted takeover of the Old City, and other operations. After the war, he worked as a Postal driver until being recruited for the State’s security service.

Many years of service followed, in Israel and abroad, safeguarding VIP’s, as embassy security-officer, and in unpublicized functions. In August 1974 he married Sara Levi. They had two boys, two girls and eight grandchildren.