NAME: Carilla, Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: March 24, 1920

DATE OF DEATH: March 3, 1989

Avraham was born on March 24,1920 in Jerusalem, to Eliyahu and Victoria, who hailed from established Jerusalem families. In 1925, the economic situation forced them to move to France. Avraham studied in Paris until 1935, and then they moved to Tunisia. He studied telephony and electricity at a professional high school. He joined Beitar after being greatly influenced by Jabotinsky’s writings. When World War II began, he travelled to Paris and enlisted in the French Air Force as an airplane technician. After France surrendered, he sought in vain a way to make aliyah.

He learned of a route through Morocco and Portugal to Britain. He returned to Tunis, where he was stuck for six months. He then managed, by forged documents, to make his way to Morocco. Five months of futile efforts convinced him to go back to Tunis. When the German marched into Tunisia, he fled to Algeria, which had been captured in the meantime by the Allies. He enlisted in the British Army and served in North Africa for the rest of the war. At its end, he finally made aliyah and joined Lehi.

Avraham was trained with firearms and explosives, joining the combat brigade. He was known for his bravery, equanimity and discipline. He participated in many operations: attacking the Lod train station during the Jewish Resistance Movement, on November 1,1945, a joint IZL-Lehi operation.

He was part of the attempted jailbreak from Jerusalem Central Prison. He was injured in the attack on the Haifa Railway Workshops. After a short period of recuperation, he returned to full duty.

On 9 September 1946, Lehi units attacked the Food Control Office near the Jaffa-Tel Aviv border. Yaakov “Blond Dov” Granek was in command. The plan was for Dill to overwhelm the sentries, but they noticed his team and opened fire. Dill, thinking that the operation had failed, ordered retreat. Dov, seeing what was happening, leapt forward, yelling: “Follow me! Go!” He led the fighters, who then placed the explosive devices beneath the building and blew them up. The building collapsed, and a number of British men were killed, including Major John Doran, Area Security Officer of Jaffa. Dill was injured by friendly fire in his back.

He also took part in the operation to seize weapons from the British Army base in Holon, as well as others.

Avraham was intelligent, pleasant and sensitive. Nevertheless, he was fearless as a fighter, always ready for action. When the focus moved to England, Avraham was sent to London. He returned when the State was established, but he had trouble dealing with civilian life. He travelled to France and worked as a technician for Dassault and Photomaton.  He attempted to return to Israel, but ultimately ended up back in France. Eventually, he developed a kidney condition which required dialysis. He passed away in Paris on March 3,1989, and he was buried there.