Haim was born in Warsaw Poland, in 1911. When he was five, he lost his parents, and grew up with his uncle, an engineer, whose name was also Haim Bochko. As a young man, he joined Beitar. All he desired, like his mates from the movement, was to come to Israel as soon as possible. But this objective wasn’t easy since Beitar couldn’t offer them any skills development-training at the time. Haim and his friends began therefore  working in private farms in exchange for food. In 1930, aged 19, he finally managed to  receive a Certificate through Beitar, and came aboard an Italian ship from Trieste. In Israel he joined the ‘Menora’ labour division of Beitar in Binyamina,  whose members were all former Latvians, and he the only ‘Pole’. After a while he transferred to the labour division in Rosh-Pina, where they grew tobacco, and then to Yesod-Hama’alah. In 1934 he joined  Etzel and began training and regular activities. In 1937 he joined a group that brought newly arrived immigrants  from their ships, to the shore in boats , as part of the organisation’s illegal-immigration operations.

In 1938 he took part in an expropriation operation, which resulted in his arrest. He was tried and sentenced to three years at the Jerusalem Central Prison. There he met Lehi members, learnt Yair’s philosophy and joined them. After his release, he married Sarah in 1946; their daughter Yosepha was named after his father Yoseph. They were divorced and in 1950 he married Masha Laschetz Ofland, who’d come from Riga 1938. Haim began working in construction with the contractors Bornstein & Sperling, and together they organized building groups, which Haim successfully ran. They also founded together a contracting construction company – “Bar-Shakev”. In 1953 he became independent and founded the company “Haim Bochko Ltd.” His luck held out and he became wealthy.

Haim was an open-hearted individual who helped many who were in financial distress. He had three grandchildren from daughter Yosepha. During the early seventies he contracted a blood disease and died on  August 28,1975.