Yisrael was born  1912 in Weiznitz  Ukraine, to his mother Meikka and father Yoseph, a  lumber merchant,  Zionist activist and the Chairman of the Parents Committee at  ‘Tarbut’ Hebrew high school, where Yisrael received  Hebrew education, Jewish values, and love of the homeland. The family moved to Kishiniev, there he joined  Maccabi, and  met his future wife – Rosa Bobis. He and Rosa, captivated by Jabotinsky’s ideas, joined  Beitar. Following his studies, he helped his father in the lumber business; desire to immigrate to Israel was burning in his bones. British authorities had sealed the country’s gates to Jewish immigrants, so to obtain a certificate, he fictitiously  married cousin Tova’leh, thus enabling an additional immigrant’s entry, and made Aliyah 1932. Shortly thereafter he joined  ‘National Defence’  becoming an Etzel member. During this period he married Rosa Bobis, who’d also made Aliyah. The couple had three daughters: Esther, Ze’eva and Michal. After the split in Etzel, convinced the British regime must be expelled, he followed Yair’s men becoming a Lehi member. A short while after this, due to an informer he was arrested, and  imprisoned in  Akko, Latrun and Mizra Detention Camp; on and off two and a half years. He was active many years in the National Workers Union, finding jobs for members of the nationalist camp who were suffering discrimination in this field resulting from Israeli institutions who were dominated by the Left during those years. He established professional training groups for construction, and (in secret) charity funds for the needy. In the Tel-Aviv “Sela” appartments, home to many former underground members, he helped  found the “Beit- David” synagogue, commemorating David Raziel. He later worked in the General Labour  Bureau representing Nationalists . Having greatly appreciated Rabbi Arieh Levin (Rabbi of the Prisoners), he ensured having a Torah scroll written in his memory, following his passing. Israel passed away January 11,1981 and was laid to rest at the Nachalat-Yitzhak Cemetery. He left behind  wife Rosa, three daughters, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.