Eliezer was born in Sesnovitch Poland, during  WWI, February 20,1918,  fifth of six children, to Asher and Miryam. Miryam dedicatedly looked after her children and helped her husband in their grocery store. After completing ‘Heder’, Eliezer studied at ‘Keter-Torah’ Yeshiva, Charkov. After Yeshiva hours, he trained in the insulation profession. His family were Zionist and Eliezer joined  “Mizrachi Youth’’. Eldest sister Chaya, brothers Chaim and Shmuel  made Aliyah before  WWII. Their parents perished in the Holocaust. Eliezer, Ya’acov and Sarah were taken to work camps and managed to survive. After the war they all made Aliyah. Eliezer and sister Sarah arrived in Israel aboard the immigrant ship “Birya”, which left France June 22, 1946, reaching Haifa July 1,1946 after being caught by the British Navy. In Haifa Eliezer managed to escape ship, disguising himself as an Agency worker, bringing the immigrants food. The others, including his sister, were sent to Atlit Camp. From Haifa he went to sister, Chaya Anzilevitz, at Magdiel. His first contact with Lehi took place in Magdiel, Lehi’s base at the Sharon settlements. After moving to Tel-Aviv 1947, he began regular Lehi activities, distribution and recruiting. On May 29,1948, he joined Lehi’s group enlistment into the IDF, the 8th Brigade,  Armoured Corps Battalion 82.  As a fighter in the 3rd Company, consisting mostly of Lehi men, he participated in all the battalion’s battles: conquest of Lod airport, Operation Dani, completion of the road in the Lod area and  Ono-valley. Also Operation Yoav, the attack on Iraq el- Manshia,  conquest of Beer-Sheba, conquest of the Iraq-Souidan fortress , Operation Chorev, conquest of Uja-el- Hafir, the charging on Sinai and the attack on the outskirts of Rafiach.

When battles ended, and the first ones to join were getting discharged, he too was among them. Alhough he’d arrived at an older age, he found a job in the profession he’d studied abroad. He established a home in Tel-Aviv with Yehudit nee Frenkel. They have two daughters: Varda and Miryam, and nine grandchildren. Since retirement, Eliezer dedicates his time to family members and  Bible studies.