NAME: Broshi (Cohen) Rachel


DATE OF BIRTH: 21 September, 1914

DATE OF DEATH: 30 January, 1983

Rachel Broshi was born in Israel on Sunday, September 21st, 1914, to Moshe Cohen. In 1932 she joined the Etzel and in 1940 after the split, she joined Lehi with her husband Yosef Broshi, whom she married in 1939. She was imprisoned in the Women’s Prison in Bethlehem where she stayed for a year until 1941. In Lehi, Rachel held training positions in Haifa and worked in the Supporters Division in Tel Aviv under the command of Binyamin Zironi. Rachel died on January 30th, 1983 and was laid to rest next to her husband, Yosef, in the Lehi section of the Cemetery in Holon.