Nissim, son of Raphael and Michal nee Eliezerov (Yisraeli). was born November 28,1928 in the Old City  Jerusalem. When only a few months old,1929,  rioting Arabs attacked the Jewish neighbourhoods. His uncle, Binyamin Eliezerov, carried Nissim in his arms, encouraged and assisted the family’s escape, while Arab men were shouting “Itbach-el-Yahud” (slaughter the Jews) close to their house. Aged three his family moved with their uncle and aunt to Tel-Aviv. When adolescent Nissim followed older brother Moshe and joined  Beitar. The entire family was observant and nationalist. The day Yair – Avraham Stern was assassinated, February 12,1942, was a day of bitter mourning in the household. That day Nissim decided to contact   and join Lehi, following brother Moshe and sister Esther. However being under-aged he  had to wait three years. A man of honesty, he was put in Lehi’s  Finance Branch. He was involved in pasting-up info-bulletins and distributing info-material. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for the underground. His nom-de-guerre was “Yisrael”. His last Lehi commander was Anshel Spielman – Arieh. During the great siege, end 1946, while the great hunt and curfew was instituted by the British upon the Hebrew residents, Nissim was arrested and sent to Rafiach. He spent about 3.5 months there. After establishment of the State, following the execution of Count Bernadotte, Nissim was arrested with many underground members and sent to Jaffa Prison. He remained there until the great Saturday breakout but was captured and transferred to Akko Prison, and later Jalameh Prison. Protesting the long siege, the Jalameh prisoners began an eight day hunger strike. Only after intervention of public figures and the chief rabbis, and the promise of a general amnesty including releasing Nathan Yelin-Mor and Matityahu Shmuelevitch from prison, were he and his comrades released. He married Sarah Cohen and they had four children: Michael, Malka, Tamar and Chayim, and four grandchildren. Nissim served in the IDF until  age 55 and was only discharged after Operation Peace for Galilee. He was a State employee until 1994. Today he is a pensioner at Rehovot.