Chassida was born  1916 to  Ahuva and Shlomo, who came to Israel from Russia 1904 and settled in Rishon-le-Zion.

Her parents moved to Moshav Nachalat-Yehuda  1921 and were among its founders, together with other families from the Revisionist movement. Chassida was brought up in the atmosphere of a nationalist Zionist household, absorbing love of the homeland and the need to support the needy and the community. She studied at the very first Hebrew School, “Chaviv” in Rishon-Lezion. Between 1937-1938, during the wave of arrests of Revisionist Movement members by the British, her brothers were under arrest six months. At the same time Chassida volunteered for work in emergency first-aid  service, and continued doing so for many years. After Etzel split in 1940, she joined Lehi, with many of her friends. She saw her main duty in the underground in assisting the movement financially and in finding workplaces  for  its members. A month after the assassination of Yair she was imprisoned in Bethlehem Women’s Prison during three years. After her release, she resumed activities. Following the explosion in the King David Hotel Jerusalem, she was again arrested  and spent  one month in Latrun. Chassida  was arrested a third time after the execution of Count Bernadotte. This time it was in a Hebrew Prison Camp at Sheikh Monis. After establishment of the State she married Shlomo Brenner and they had three daughters: Yehudit, Miryam, and Zohar plus many grandchildren, educated to love the homeland. After 20 years of living in Nes-Ziona, Hassida and her husband returned to Rishon Lezion. She was active in such institutions as “Micha”, “The Society for the Prevention of Cancer”, where she served as Chairman of the Welfare Committee, and where she continues to participate.