Shmuel,  son of Moshe and Hanna, was born on October 15,1924, in Lublin Poland. His parents were merchants, property owners. They came to Israel 1937 with their five children and bought an apartment building. The father died not long after arrival. Shmuel studied at  ‘Tahkemoni School’ Tel-Aviv and joined Beitar aged 14.  At 15 he joined Etzel; after the split he joined Lehi. After Yair’s assassination, his connections with Lehi ceased.  February 1943 he enlisted in the British Army, serving with the Engineers Corps, at Beit-Naballa. In the army, he sought to re-establish Lehi connections.  August 1944 he was told to take leave and order a train-ticket for Cairo. That month, he met several times with Eliyahu Chakim in Tel-Aviv, to fill him in about the base where he  was serving at the time, preparing Eliyahu in case he would get questioned while travelling to Cairo. Shmuel handed Eliyahu his uniform and military ID papers, so Eliyahu could reach Cairo (in Cairo Eliyahu was instructed to assassinate Lord Moyne). An underground member escorted Shmuel- who was wearing only swimming trunks – to the Tel Aviv seaside; Shmuel reported the theft of his uniform, money and papers to a nearby MP. On November 9,1944, after Moyne’s assassination, he was arrested at his military base (released February 1945), although the CID didn’t link him to the uniform found in Cairo. In 1945 he took part in a weapon expropriation operation from an African soldiers military base in Holon; this event led to the soldiers’ rioting, causing deaths of several Holon citizens. Shmuel was discharged from the British army April 1946 but required to appear daily at the Police Station. June 1946 he was sent to Latrun Prison Camp, transferred to Atlit, then released 27.05.1948. Two days later he joined the IDF’s  89th Battalion, 8th Brigade Armoured Corps and took part in all its operations, from Operation ‘Dani’ to the conquest of Iraq-Souidan Police and Uja-el- Hafir. He was discharged 1949 and began working at ‘Yedi’ot- Acharonot’ newspaper. In 1955 Shmuel married Malka Pelshel. They have two sons and five grandchildren. Later he joined  ‘Egged’ until retiring then completed his university education, living in Holon.