NAME: Borenstein Meir


DATE OF BIRTH: June 15, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: May 22, 2020

Meir was born on June 15,1923 in Sedlitz  Poland to Mordechai and Tova. In 1925, his family moved to Israel settling at the Tel-Aviv/Jaffa seam, near the coast. A young boy, he used to play with the Arab children, but despite their friendship they attacked him one day, stabbing him with rusty scissors.

He began studying Torah on Yona-Hanavi St., then at  ‘Tachkemoni School’. His journey to school was full of danger, as he had to pass through Jaffa during the Riots period. He was transferred to the Nes-Ziona School. He was a Beitar member then, so his mother sewed him a brown shirt. At school, he was asked to remove it; he stuck to his right to wear it just as  other children wore blue shirts, but was expelled. Aged 13 he was recruited to Etzel. When Etzel split, he joined Lehi.

While the Germans approached Israel, January 1941, he feared their invasion and decided to fight them. He joined the British Army and was put in the Engineer Corps. He suspected his Jewish commander was a collaborator and wrote his cousin about it. His letter was checked by the military censor; Meir was tried in a military court and sentenced to six months’ prison, at the Russian Compound Jerusalem.

When the ‘Brigade’ was established, he volunteered, was sent to Egypt and then Europe. He was discharged  August 1946; on arrival he renewed contacts with Lehi. He was ordered to join the police. He served in the Tel-Aviv region, then volunteered for the Mounted Police and was posted to Kfar-Sava. He went on patrols with the British Mounted Police, reporting their movements to the underground and the Haganah. With  establishment of the State, he was sent to an Israeli Police  Morse-Code course; following the course he was stationed in Tiberias. He married Pnina Befler November 9,1948. After his release as First Sergeant 1973, he became Tnuva’s Eilat director, where he stayed for 12 years. He returned to studying, graduating from high-school and continued in the ‘Open University’. In 1985 he resigned  and went to study, completing his B.A. 1995. The couple have two daughters and eight grandchildren.