Chava was born on Simchat-Torah 1921 to Chaya and Yitzchak, and has two brothers and two sisters. She made Aliyah 1924. The parents were Zionists, her grandfather a mohel/butcher. She studied at Balfour high-school and instructed in the Scouts. When the riots broke out 1936, she joined the Haganah aged 15, was sent to a course and became a wireless-radio operator. She was recruited to the Police for wireless-radio and sent to Rosh-Hanikra, then Atlit. She discontinued Haganah activities since she objected to the policy of non-retribution towards the Arabs. After her brother Yerachmiel, a Lehi member, was arrested, she was fired from the police. Influenced by Yerachmiel, who was later exiled to Kenya, she joined Lehi. After the assassination of Yair, 1942, she underwent her first weapons course. She filled different positions in Dept. Six, and Funds Dept. She was Nathan Yelin-Mor’s contact person; he resided in a house in Tel-Litvinsky. Chava used to reach Tel-Litvinsky then walk a considerable distance to  his house. One day, though all seemed clear, she was suddenly attacked by an English soldier who struck her  head and attempted dragging her to a nearby orchard. She called out for help, someone showed up, and the soldier got away. Thus she escaped his attack. Afterwards, Gera changed locations several times, but Chava remained attached to him until  establishment of the State. In addition to that she worked at the family Kiosk on 2 Nachalat Binyamin St  Tel-Aviv, near ‘Magen-David Square’; this Kiosk served the underground many years as a contact point. Members would arrive as customers, receive and deliver memorandums hidden in match and cigarette boxes. From there all mail was dispatched to. She also handled mail intended for prisoners/ detainees in all prisons and prison Camps. Among other tasks, she took care of delivering their eagerly awaited underground newspaper. On 17.02.1948 she married Eliya Bloch, active Mapam party member and  representative. They had two children and six grandchildren. Chava passed away first day of Hanukah, December 5,1996. She is buried at Yarkon Cemetery.