NAME: Blaustein Yitzchak Yechiel


DATE OF BIRTH: September 8, 1924

DATE FALLEN: January 19, 1950

Yitzhak was born on September 4,1928 in Ligash-Benia Hungary, to  Yehuda Leib and Yona. He studied in elementary school. He lost his parents and his entire family to the Nazi death machine except for his sister Leah, who eventually made it to Israel. He survived the Holocaust despite all the difficulties, and despite having marched in the March of Death by Nazi Command. He came to Israel with the Youth Aliyah 1945, and stayed with Ya’acov Ben-Paz, his cousin. Yitzchak tried to compensate for the helplessness of his people in Hungary and Europe during their great destruction, by joining Lehi, having grasped that as long as the People of Israel didn’t have their own State, which the foreign British regime was preventing, they’d never be safe, and forever face the threat of annihilation. With his new friends in the underground Yitzchak underwent basic training. After a short while, fully integrated in the war to expel the foreign regime, he was active in many fields. Due to his dedication and passion, he was found trustworthy, and given important responsibilities. The Lehi ‘Centre’ made him their courier, liaising between the members and division heads. Yitzchak also took part in various activities against the British. After the UN resolution to partition the Land, he took part in the operations against murderous Arab Gangs  who began rioting and attacking the Hebrew civilians throughout the country. May 1948 he joined the IDF with his Lehi comrades, in the 8th Brigade,  89th  Battalion, where he served as combat signaller. He fought with his battalion for the liberation of the Western Negev, in Operation Chorev and in the battle of Uja-el- Hafir. After the battles ended he joined Kibbutz Neve-Yair, established by former Lehi members near the Gaza Strip. On January 19,1950, while making his way home through the fields in the dark,  Arab attackers murdered him. His body was only discovered after a three day search. Yitzchak was brought to rest in the Beer-Sheba Cemetery. He was merely 22 at the time of his murder.

הנצחה באנדרטה ביער לח”י במשמר איילון
שמו של יצחק בלאושטיין חרוט על לוח באנדרטה ביער לח”י