NAME: Blau David

LEHI ALIAS: Dan, Zamir

DATE OF BIRTH: March 16, 1924

DATE OF DEATH: December 17, 2020

David was born on March 16,1924 in Safed , third generation Israeli on father Avraham’s side, fifth on mother Rivka’s side. His childhood was spent in Haifa. He joined Etzel 1938. At the split he joined Yair. After Yair’s murder and  Michael’s (Yitschak Shamir)  escape from Mizra, during those crucial days when few fighters remained outside of prison, he transferred to Tel-Aviv ( by Michael’s order) to rebuild with other members, the underground framework. He afterwards participated in founding the Intelligence Dept. After  Elisha was killed, he took over the Supporters’ Department. At the end of  WWII, 1945, he was sent to Baghdad to establish fighter cells to attack British bases in Iraq and prepare them for immigrating to Israel. He met with Iraqi students and academics, who led clandestine anti-British groups. When he felt  the Secret Police after him, he returned to Israel. The night of his return he was captured at the radio station on Shomer Street 3; he was jailed in Latrun  1.5 year, released with tuberculosis 1947. He was transferred to Safed Hospital. From there he left on a mission to Prague. Dan arrived two days before the Communist Revolution with recommendations from “Tribune-de-Nation” and “Combat”Paris newspapers, which enabled him to receive assistance from  the new regime’s leaders. With their help, he managed to publish 3000 copies of a Lehi  bi-weekly bulletin in Czech, distributed to government officials and key figures. He also concentrated groups of Shoah surviving youth, training them for coming to Israel. These activities took place openly, until a shift in Moscow’s policies occured. Dan and co-worker  Dvora Weiss were arrested by the secret police, the Lehi office closed down.   Dan was released after a five day interrogation and ordered to leave the country. On return he joined the IDF’s Engineer Corps and married Dvora. July 1950 he began working in Solel-Boneh. He progressed rapidly, and was appointed to the Executive Board and headed Organisation and Management. He worked in Solel-Boneh 37 years, until retirement. David and Dvora  have a daughter, Galit, a son, Matan, plus five grandchildren.