Moshe was born December 15,1929 in Warsaw Poland, youngest of eleven children to  Israel, a leather merchant, and Nehama nee Eckerman. His parents were religious Zionists. His eldest brother immigrated to Israel illegally, followed by his parents, and in 1936, the children.

They lived on Rashi St., Tel-Aviv; the parents owned a shoe workshop. Moshe completed ten grades at  ‘Bilu’ School. He joined Beitar with three friends: Shlomo Berber, Nachman Walker and Elchanan Tiroshi; he kept in touch with them while studying Electricity at ‘Max Fine School’ and  when living in Tel-Yoseph, 1942-45, on a ‘Working-Studying Youth’ program.

He joined Lehi beginning 1946. Moshe was engaged in pasting-up info-bulletins, underwent a weapons course in an orchard near Petach-Tikva and was active in Recruitment, responsible for a group and involved in new member reception. In June 1946, after Lehi’s Railway Workshops Operation, he was accidentally arrested in Haifa, with his three friends and five Etzel members; all were suspected of underground activities. He was imprisoned in Latrun, transferred with the other prisoners to Atlit, there he escaped beginning March 1948  with a Jerusalem Lehi member, in British uniforms they’d sewn themselves. They arrived at Kibbutz Neveh-Yam, were given a resting place and civilian clothing then taken to a bus, which took them to Tel-Aviv. Moshe joined the Air Force 1948 before Lehi was dissolved. He served in the Kirya, Tel-Nof, Kfar-Sirkin, and was discharged 1950 ranking Sergeant.   Chaim was among the first members of the Aviation Industry, working until 1963 in aircraft body-work and was active in the Workers’ Committee. He met his wife and fellow Lehi member Yehudit nee Rotkovski,  before his 1946 arrest. They got married 1952 and  had two sons: Yisrael and Zohar. In 1963 they moved to Los-Angeles, there Moshe earned a living selling electronics, and worked in an aircraft company. Moshe and Yehudit returned to Israel end 1994; their sons, wives and three grandchildren reside in the US.