David was born  August 1,1931 in Jerusalem to Mordechai and  Miryam. His father, sixth generation  born in Israel, was among the founders of  Achva neighbourhood, outside the  Old City walls of Jerusalem. He established an agricultural farm which provided milk for the residents. In the 1920s he planted an orchard in Petach-Tikva. His mother, of Transylvanian origin, arrived in Israel end of  WWI. David joined the “Bnei-Akiva” youth movement.  While studying at Lipschitz Mizrachi Teachers Seminary,1945, he was recruited to “Gadna” (youth military preparation). David joined Lehi 1945. In the Youth Division he was putting up info-bulletins, distributing info-material, communications, surveillance, and more. Eventually he would be placed in the recruitment branch. The UN decision to partition the Land into two states, Jewish and Arab, was rejected by the Arabs who then  commenced hostilities  throughout the country against the Jews. David was recruited to the “Zion Division”,  Lehi’s religious group in Jerusalem, and took part in its actions. From the “Eldad” Base he fought the British and Arabs, lay landmines, and took part in the breakthrough attempt into the Old City. This included laying a Cone-type landmine which injured six fighters , including himself; his leg was hit by shrapnel. Following Bernadotte’s assasination by a Lehi cell, for attempting to give Jerusalem to Abdallah, Lehi bases in Jerusalem were dismantled, members arrested. David tried to join the IDF, was rejected due to age, and went to study at  Merkaz-Harav Yeshiva. After the general amnesty issued for Lehi members, David tried enlisting  and was recruited. He underwent a squad Leaders Course, a finance management course and served in various IDF bases. After the War of Independence and discharge, he  graduated from Teachers Seminary, and continued studying at Yeshivas in Tel-Aviv, Hebron and Merkaz-Harav in Jerusalem. He completed a laboratory technician course and university courses in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. David worked in research at the Dead Sea Labs forty-two years, until retirement. In 1962 he married Pnina nee Zeichel. They had seven daughters plus twenty grandchildren. For many years he was involved in agriculture at Kfar Maimon in the Negev. date