Carmia  was born 1930 to  Eliezer and Hanna nee Davidesco, an old  respected Zichron-Ya’acov family who owned land and grew vineyards.

Her parents’ marriage was strongly resisted by her mother’s father; her mother was a respectable French-speaking piano-player, while her father was just an ordinary labourer, a new immigrant from Russia who had nothing and was employed by her father. They married in secret but once her father discovered the birth of Yair, their first child, he drove them out from his house. Her parents moved to Giv’at-Ada  where with immensely hard-work, they established a large farm, without running water or electricity in their house. Five other children were born here, including Carmia, named after the first fruit they supplied to the Zichron Winery. Carmia inherited  their energy, determination and strong-will.  She joined Lehi 1946  aged 16. She was convinced the British had to be expelled in order that a Hebrew State be established. She  took part in actual combat operations and distributed  info-materials. She underwent a weapons/explosives month  course  and was miraculously saved from being hit by a stray bullet. Later she took part laying explosives in a British passenger train near Binyamina. She recruited new members, and she participated in various  operations. When the Arabs commenced hostilities, she was sent with a group of friends to blow-up the Arab Command building near Hadera – a very successful operation with no Lehi victims. After establishment of the State of Israel, she joined the IDF, with the other Lehi members after the Sheikh-Mounis parade. She passed a driving course, was sent to the Haifa region and delivered food to IDF bases in Haifa. Two years later she was discharged. She studied two years at Haifa University. Carmia married George Biller, a Boston volunteer who’d joined Palmach and was injured in  battle. They had two daughters and two grandchildren. She worked in gardening and in an independent greenhouse during twelve years. Due to knee-surgery she  had to stop. She continues to create jewellery and to sculpt in metal.