Shimon, sixth generation in Israel, son of Avraham Yitzchak and Raisa was born January 3,1921 in the Old City Jerusalem. His grandfather, father, and family worked in lithography. He studied in Talmud Torah “Etz-Chayim”; aged 16 he joined “Brit-Hachashmona’im”. Summer 1938 he joined Etzel, underwent training, distributed and pasted up info-bulletins, recruited new members and worked in weapons repair and storage. He underwent a  Lieutenants’ Course. Instructed by his Brit- Hachashmona’im commander, he joined Lehi, summer 1943 in Jerusalem. He participated in an explosives course, instructed by Yehushua Cohen, and took part planning the High Commissioner’s assassination. Other activities: recruiting members, establishing a Lehi printing-house in Jerusalem, renting storage rooms and contacting the Abu-Gosh family. His house and that of his parents served as a refuge for fighters, for hiding weapons and for other activities. Instructed by Brit-Hachashmona’im heads, in winter 1947-48 he joined the Hagannah forces  fighting the Arab armies. May 1948 he participated in the battles against the Jordanian Legion in northern Jerusalem, and operations in different sectors – until summer 1949. Afterwards he served as Regional Commander of the Tel-Arza neighbourhood, his house being the regional weapons storage. In the reserves he served in the Jerusalemite Brigade, where he fought in all the wars, and was discharged aged 60. Afterwards he volunteered in the Civil Defence, serving until age 70. In 1968, he and other veteran Lehi fighters, moved to “Beit-Hashiv’ah” at Beit-Chanina, north Jerusalem. Between 1931-1968 he worked in the family lithography business, trained many professionals and created many artistic works.  He established, 1965, a professional course for Offset Printing at the  “Kiryat-No’ar Vocational School”, taught and was a  printing-industry consultant. He designed and established “Keter” Press Jerusalem and “Hebron” Press Kiryat-Arba. Shimon retired 1988. Among his public positions:  Council Member of  Mizrachi Union, secretariat member of the Print Workers’ Professional Union, and representative of the seven Jewish families  of  “Beit–Hashiv’ah”  at Beit Chanina. Shimon married Aliza Etiya 1946, his girlfriend from Brit- Hashmonaim and Lehi; they had four children and fifteen grandchildren. Wife Aliza passed away 1997.