NAME: Berger Menachem


DATE OF BIRTH: January 18, 1922

DATE OF DEATH: May 20, 2001

Menachem Berger, son of Hava and Shlomo, was born on January 18th 1922, in Lodz, Poland, and immigrated to Israel in 1935. He joined the Etzel and in 1940 followed Yair and joined the Lehi underground. He trained in the commanders’ course, then served as Deputy Commander of the Commanders’ Course, and later as Company Commander under Yariv Haran and Aaron Zuckerman. He participated in procurement operations.

Menachem was one of the fighters who was abducted and tortured by the Hagana and handed over to the British. Menachem was detained until 1944 in Jaffa, Acre, Mizra, Latrun. After that, he was in the first deportation of 251 detainees exiled by the British from Palestine. Menachem was held in Sambal, Carthage and Gilgil camps. He was returned to Israel on July 12, 1948, and enlisted in the IDF. He was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant Col. He studied Law and held various public positions.

He received the Lehi badge. He married Rachel and they had three children. Menachem died on May 20, 2001.


מנחם נפטר ביום כ”ז אייר תשס”א, 20 במאי 2001