NAME: Ben-Yosef Miriam nee Rosenberger


DATE OF BIRTH: October 30, 1921

DATE OF DEATH: September 15, 2019

Miriam was born October 30,1921 in Shofron  Hungary to  Rivka and Moshe, who owned a textile store and were well-off The family was Zionist and religious, with two daughters and two sons. Miriam studied at the Jewish elementary school and State high-school for girls.

At a young age, brother Matityahu recruited her to Beitar. At 15 she met Dov, and influenced him to join Beitar. Aged 17.5 she married Dov; they decided to immigrate illegally with a Beitar Aliyah. On July 1,1939 they travelled to Budapest, and boarded the “Solina”. After a five-week-delay, they boarded the “Noami Yulia”. At the Bosphoros Straits, they discovered WWII had begun; the Captain refused to continue but passengers forced him to. On September 28,1939, arriving at Haifa Port, they were denied docking permission; only after a hunger strike could the women and children disembark and taken to Bat-Galim; the men to Sarafend. Beitar representatives arrived to welcome them and moved Miriam to Beitar  Ekron. She contracted typhus and was hospitalised. The couple moved to Tel-Aviv.  Miriam sold cakes on the street while Dov played the piano in a dance-band, at cafes. After the birth of Noami 1940, Miriam joined the band as the drummer. In 1945, after son Gabbi was born, a Lehi member arrived at their home, who knew they wanted to join. Miriam, a young mother with a baby, understood the risks involved, but joined with her husband. They moved to a house in Ramat-Gan. A double wall opened into a narrow passage serving as a hiding place for wanted Lehi members, Dr Eldad, Gera and others. From then on, the couple ceased all relationships not Lehi-related. In the house, courses for members were held. September 1947 Miriam returned to Hungary to attend her ill father. During that period, her husband helped smuggle Jews to Austria to make Aliyah. They returned to Israel  March 1949, after themselves escaping to Austria, joining the Joint’s Refugee Camp there, then sailing aboard the “Campidolio” from Venice. They  lived in Pardes-Hanna, Hadera, Natanya, and Migdal-Haem’ek, where Karni and Giora were born. After Dov passed away 1973, Miriam studied to become a librarian then ran a library at a Migdal-Ha’emek high-school. She retired at 62 and returned to writing. From 1989 she’s lived in Haifa and volunteered at the Yael organisation. She has four children, eleven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.