Dov, son of Yenka and Yozeph, was born September 29,1911 in Hodmez-Vasarhely Hungary. He had a younger sister. His father ran a windmill. Aged three, WWI broke out; his father was recruited and at war’s end, awarded the ‘Iron Cross’ for bravery. Their family was assimilated. Patriots registered under the Hungarian name Levai. Dov was called Ishtavan, but  known as Berl in his community. From childhood he played piano. In 1936 the family moved to Sopron; Dov worked as a clerk and met Miryam (Evi) Rosenberger, who influenced him to join Beitar.  On February 26,1939 he married Miryam. The couple boarded a ship on July 1,1939, and after many delays arrived in Israel. The British transferred the women and children to a transit camp. Men were transferred to Sarafend, held three weeks. After Dov’s release, he found Miryam in the Beitar branch at Ekron. She contracted typhus and was hospitalised. They didn’t  return to Beitar. With friends, Dov created a dance- band, earning a living  playing in cafes; it was not easy. Miryam joined as a drummer. In 1940 daughter Naomi was born, and in 1945 their son, Gaby.The couple wished to join Lehi, but had no contacts to do so. One day a member named Betsal’el proposed they live in a Ramat-Gan apartment designated for Lehi purposes.  They accepted.  Despite Dov’s many requests, he was never sent on operative missions because it was imperative his house be ‘clean’ of anything arousing suspicion since it served as to conceal Eldad and others.

In 1975, Miryam’s father fell ill, therefore they moved to Hungary residing  near the Austrian border. Since the Hungarians forbade Jews from leaving  the country, Dov clandestinely helped many Jews escape to Austria, where they could join groups pending immigration. When the Hungarian authorities discovered his activities, Dov and his family had escape via the same route. Back in Israel Dov worked as a music teacher. They had two more children: Karni 1951, and Giora 1957. Dov  passed away from a heart attack on May 28,1973 . Of his eleven grandchildren he got to meet three.