Naftali was born May 18,1915 in Lodmir-Wohlin Poland, to Menachem and Rivka. His father, an accountant, was an active Zionist, chairman of the Eretz Yisrael Bureau for Aliyah, founder of ‘Tarbut’ elementary school and  of Poland’s only Hebrew agricultural school. Naftali had two brothers, Moshe and Ya’acov. He studied at ‘Tarbut’ School, then at the Hebrew high-school of Koval. As a youth he joined Beitar. After Eastern Poland’s conquest by the Red Army, WWII, he escaped into Lithuania, and lived in Vilnius with Menachem Begin and Dr. Scheib (Eldad). He was interrogated by the NKVD weekly; with his Certificate for Israel (as Technion student), he obtained an exit permit. He married Leah Tsukerkendal-Barash and they left for Israel via Moscow, Odessa, Beirut, arriving in Haifa January 7,1941. His parents were already there. The couple commenced Law Studies and Naftali joined Lehi, mainly involved in developing international contacts through political parties in France and Belgium. A Jewish police officer informed on him,1944, and he was arrested and jailed during two years in Jaffa, Akko, and Latrun. He continued studies and was allowed to take his examinations inside Latrun; he was qualified as a lawyer 1945. When released, he resumed underground activities. In 1947, when the  Lehi newspaper “Hamivrak” was created, he became its administrative manager. Naftali served as: one of the chiefs of the Labour Branch of the Industrialists’ Union, Israeli Representative in the Geneva International Labour Organisation’s Committees, member of the Committee for Drafting Israel’s Work regulations, head of Israel’s delegation to the International Organization of Civil Aviation, head of delegations to Negotiation Committees For Pilots’ Rights and International Aviation Lines,  Head of the Civil Aviation Administration, Deputy Chairman of Airports’ Authority Executive Board,  and Israeli Ambassador to Sierra-Leone. Three-time Deputy Mayor of Ramat-Gan, Ramat-Gan Honorary Citizen; visiting-lecturer at Bar-Ilan University; author of numerous  Research Papers on Law and State, member of the Electricity Board’s Directorate, and member of the Airport Authority’s Executive Board. In Politics: Achdut Ha’avoda’s Council member, Labour Party Center member and active in the ‘Hatechiya’ Movement. The Ben-Yehuda couple have two daughters and five grandchildren.