Nehemia was born in Budapest Hungary, on October 26,1923, to  Frieda and Immanuel. He and sister Lily grew up in a secular environment. He was a Beitar member. He came to Israel  January 4,1939  aboard the ‘Delfa’, with  clandestine ‘Af-Al-Pi’ Immigration. He served in  Beitar at Zichron-Ya’acov, Rishon-Lezion and Nes-Ziona. Nehemia was arrested following demonstrations against the ‘White Papers’.  He was recruited to Etzel, and when the split occurred, joined Yair. In Lehi he served in intelligence and operations against the British. Following the assassination of Yair he continued underground activity. In 1944 he rented a shack with Drora Ben-Ami, where they printed “Hachazit” Newspaper with Latrun escapees . Nehemia participated in the assassination attempt of police Officer Ford, was arrested and imprisoned at Jaffa Prison. Beginning 1945 he led the Lehi branch in Netanya region then moved to Haifa. In 1946 he was injured in the assassination attempt upon Officer Kapareta.  After recovery he served in intelligence, recruitment and instruction. During the War of Independence he was Signals Sergeant in the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion, Division A and participated in Operation Dani, Beer-Sheba, Uja-el-Hafir; he was injured twice. He was active in establishing the  Warriors’ Party. Discharged from the IDF, he studied Law, Political Science, International Relations and Music, in Jerusalem. In 1962 he was certified as a Lawyer then served as legal counsellor for Ashdod Port and Municipality. Nehemia was a  member of  Gderot Local Council, member of the National Coal Company Directorate, Chairman of Ashdod Chamber Orchestra’s management,  member of the Lehi Legacy Preservation Association’s Committee, and of ‘Yair Publications’ managing board. He was a member of  Achdut Ha’avoda, and among the founders of ‘Hatchiya Movement’. Nehemia has brought out two music albums with his songs and written and published many books: ‘Today I Write With Pen’ (1991), ‘The Great Escape’ (1993), ‘Love Beyond the Walls’ (1994), and books about Law. He initiated  the book ‘Lehi – People’. Nehemia is married to Elisheva nee Hyman, Holocaust survivor. They live in Aserat.  Daughter Daphna is an archaeologist. Nehemia and Elisheva have three grandchildren: Noa, Nadav and Michal.