NAME: Ben-Shlomo Yehudit nee Pazkash


DATE OF BIRTH: July 18, 1924

DATE OF DEATH: July 4, 1983

Yehudit was born on July 18,1924 in Mischkultz Hungary, only daughter of Micklosh and Aliza Pazkash. Her parents  owned coalmines and property.

She was drawn to Beitar young, through her friends and joined.  WWII and the Nazi takeover of Hungary brought difficult times but through her family’s  connections and means she was able to join the famous ‘Kestner Transport’ with them, and reached  Switzerland. She studied in Switzerland later at the French Sorbonne, where she concentrated on studying languages. In France she worked as one of  Peter Bergson’s secretaries – Hillel Kook,  head of the USA Etzel branch and later Europe’s, who raised funds and established contacts for the fight against the British. Yehudit, whose contacts  greatly assisted the underground’s mission in France, eventually became secretary of  Rabbi Korp of America; she was involved in the plan to drop pamphlets over  British parliament using his plane, after the  Exodus ship was turned away from the shores of Israel, sent back to Europe. On the day of the planned flight, French Police arrested the participants based on information supplied by the substitute pilot. The arrests made a great impact on  French media. Under pressure from many important personalities, including Sartre, she was released from prison. She was sent to Hungary by Lehi, and organised a group of young immigrants with whom she arrived in Israel via Italy. Here, she studied and qualified to become an English teacher, and took courses at the French Consulate. Being  an outstanding student, she was sent to Montpelier France, where she learnt a new language study technique – through Audio-Visual means. Returning to Israel she married former Lehi member  Shlomo Ben-Shlomo, whom she’d met in Paris after he escaped imprisonment in Kenya. She graduated with a degree in Art from Haifa University. Yehudit taught Art at the Technion. She utilized her broad education and language skills to become a tour-guide for Europe. She and Shlomo  have a son and daughter, Yair and Revital.

On July 4,1983,  Yehudit passed away relatively young after a long illness, and was buried in the Haifa Cemetery.