Yechezkel was born in Istanbul Turkey, June 24,1931, to Tsfania and Rosa. He has three sisters and a brother. The family immigrated to Israel when he was three. He studied vehicle-mechanics at Montefiori school and was a Beitar member. Aged 13 he joined Lehi, active in the youth division doing surveillance, distributing info-material and pasting-up bulletins. He underwent a weapons course 1947. Family members had no idea about his activities and were totally surprised when they found out. Following the UN Partition Plan and after the murderous Arab attacks on the Hebrew population, Lehi captured the village of Sheikh-Monis,  establishing youth training camps, and a base, from where to depart for battle. It served as a distribution point for supplies, weapons and ammo for the Lehi fighters in  combat in Jerusalem. Yechezkel  trained a while in Sheikh-Monis, and  was involved in dismantling retrieved artillery-shells for Lehi use. Following the Declaration of Independence, establishment of the IDF, he joined  the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion with his comrades. On the eve of the truce, after several fighters born 1931 were killed in the battles of Chiriya and Kfar-Anna. The remaining same-aged members were  transferred to Beit-Lid including Yehezkel; but with a few friends, he returned to Sheikh-Monis and  they were sent off to Jerusalem via the Burma Road. In Jerusalem he participated in several operations, until the failed attempt to break into the Old City. Back at  the central region, he was arrested as a defector, but was returned to service a few days later; his stay in Jerusalem was amended to be registered as a  regular service. After the war he continued as reservist of the 81st Battalion, 8th Brigade. He participated in the Sinai Campaign, Six- Day War, Yom-Kippur War, and the War of Attrition in the Infantry and instructed about weapons and field activity. Yechezkel married Yehudit Dvash 1952 ; they had four children and ten grandchildren. In 1982 he got discharged from reserve-duty and sent to serve as a truck-driver with Labour Ministry’s State-of-Emergency Procedures Unit. Until his retirement, he worked in an insurance company.