Sarah was born on December 1928, to Binyamin and Shoshana  in Tashkent. Her grandfather had immigrated in 1902 and acquired two houses outside the walls of Jerusalem. One house was given to the Sepharadic Kollel (a plaque remains commemorating his generous gift). The second house was purchased for his family. While in Israel he became ill and passed away. Only in 1933 did the parents travel, for over three years, through Iran, Iraq, India and Egypt, while taking care of three children, until  they reached Israel in 1936. They moved into the Jerusalem  house which Grandfather had bought for them. Sarah, who grew up in Jerusalem in a traditional religious household, absorbed the love of the Land and people of Israel, joined Lehi and served in Department Six. The person in charge of her was Hillel (Chaim Ben-Israel), whom she married in 1948, while both were serving in the IDF. Most of her Lehi work was within Department Six, but she remembers that when there was a shoot-out operation with the British Sergeants in the Pillar Building of Jerusalem, she and Hillel were promenading as a couple, supposedly innocent and uninvolved. One of the Lehi shooters suddenly handed her his gun which she hid  deep in her battle-jacket and she proceeded to march home, while the street was swarming with policemen and soldiers,  arresting suspects and conducting searches. Over the years Sarah completed her formal academic education. She worked in the  Water Authority for many years. Later as a pensioner, she volunteered for various organisations and helped in absorption  of new immigrants from Russia. The couple had two sons, one a  Colonel in the military, the other a doctor of medicine, plus seven grandchildren.

Sarah passed away on March 4, 2010.