Itamar was born to his parents Reuven and Sophie in June 1913, in Plovdiv Bulgaria. He studied at the city’s French College  from kinder-garden until completing his baccalaureate . In 1932 he left to study Dentistry in Nantes and Paris universities. He finished his studies 1936 and worked two years at a public clinic in Paris. In 1938 he immigrated illegally to Israel, joined his  friends at Shuni, and also joined Etzel. After the split in Etzel, he joined Lehi. He was arrested due to an informer in 1940. He was placed in the Mizra and Latrun Prison Camps. He was sent with the first dispatch of 251 prisoners exiled by the British to Africa. Itamar was imprisoned in the prison camps of Simbal (Eritrea), Carthago (Sudan), Eritrea again, then Gilgil (Kenya). On June 29,1944 Itamer took part in the great escape of 54 prisoners from the camp in Eritrea. He was captured and returned to prison. He served as the prisoners’ dentist. His fellow prisoners nicknamed him “Doctoré”. He  participated in the cultural activities of the camp, staging plays and writing musical pieces for the prisoners’ choir. After eight years of exile, he returned  to Israel with the last of the exiles on July 12,1948. In 1949 he joined the IDF and served as a dentist in the Navy; first he was in charge of the Navy’s Dental clinic in Haifa, then later in Eilat. In 1956 he was discharged, settled in Jerusalem and worked in a  General Healthcare clinic. Between 1972-1979 he established a private dentistry clinic in Tel-Aviv. Many of his friends came to him for treatment. He also worked as a dentist in various Tel-Aviv schools.

Itamar died in a fire which broke out in his own apartment on December 12th 1990. He was buried in the Lehi section of the Holon Cemetery. He left behind his sister Diana and his  brother Moshe.