Avraham was born in Plovdiv  September 2,1927,  only son of  Matilda and Shmuel who were traditional and  Zionist. He studied in  elementary school, then Bulgarian high-school. Aged  nine he joined Beitar.

November 1944 he immigrated to Israel with legal Youth Aliyah. Avraham joined Lehi. Beginning 1945 he moved to Tel-Aviv to earn a living in bricks and electricity. He distributed info-material, did surveillance, and a weapons course in Gadera. He participated in the Sirkin Airfield operation, and weapons’ expropriation at the British Camp on Yarkon St. Tel-Aviv. June 1946 he took part in the 44 Lehi members’ attack on Haifa Railway Workshops. Twenty-three fighters including Avraham were caught by the British, tried, and given the death penalty. Their punishment was converted to life imprisonment. On May 4,1947 Avraham participated in the Lehi/ Etzel prison breakout and obtained  false ID. He continued in command positions in southern operations until establishment of the State. After the assassination of Bernadotte, he was active in the Fighters Party until elections. In 1949 he was in the founding group of Kibbutz Neve-Yair in the Negev, responsible for the youth; at this time he joined the IDF  undergoing  Platoon Command course and Intelligence course. During the Sinai Campaign 1956, he was injured in his chest at the Abu-Ageila attack, but continued IDF service later. Avraham is a member of the Bulgarian Immigrants Association committee, the Israeli/Bulgarian Commerce Bureau’s management, and the management of Tel-Aviv Region’s National Council for Prevention of Road accidents; he chaired the Supervisory Committee of Tel-Aviv’s Soldiers’ Support Organization. A member of the administration of “Likud’s Founders Section”, and head of Likud’s Bulgarian Section. He participates in Beit-Yair activities, sharing his Lehi past with students, adolescents and soldiers. Avraham has a toy factory, book publishing company, and handles  distribution for “Yair Publications” . His parents arrived in Israel 1948, after the assassination of Bernadotte; their house served Yitzhak Shamir for activities and as hiding place. He married Rina Grossman 1954; they have three daughters: Yaira, Oshra and Tali, plus six grandchildren.