NAME: Ben-Hador Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: August 27, 1927

Avraham Ben-Hador, son of Haim, was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on August 27, 1927. Prior to immigrating to Israel, he was a member of the Beitar movement. Before World War II ended, he made aliyal in 1944 and was sent to Ben Shemen as a student. Shortly after arriving there, Gershon (Shauni) Nissim “Tzidkiyahu” contacted him. He used to regularly bring him pamphlets, which he would distribute underground. His activity focused on distributing pamphlets and later he became a member of Lehi. Avraham’s official liaison was Shlomo Eshad “Hagai”. In 1946, during a tour of the railway workshops in Lod, he was arrested by the British police and led to the Kieschele in Jaffa. There he was held and interrogated for about two weeks until he was released. He was tried in a Ramla police court for entering a closed military area and was sentenced to two years of probation. He served in the military as part of the State Attorney’s Office and served as a district judge in a Military Court. He then served as a magistrate and Vice President of the Jerusalem Magistrates Court.