Shabtai was born on 1924 in Vilnius to Dov and Miryam. He was educated by a Melamed  and  was a gifted student who’d mastered Yiddish, Polish, Russian and Hebrew by age six. A Beitar member from early childhood his parents contributed greatly to his nationalist education. His father passed away 1932; after three years his mother made Aliyah with Shabtai and  brother Zvi. They settled in Tel-Aviv.  Shabtai studied at ‘Geula’ school of commerce. He was active in the Scouts  and soon joined Etzel. After the split he became a Lehi member. He participated in the failed assassination attempt of CID Officer Morton, Yair’s assassin and  wrote in the underground’s publication. Shabtai was arrested due to an informer 1924 and  held in Akko, Mizra and Latrun, there he continued writing articles and studying. With 251 prisoners, he was exiled 1944. He participated in the great escape June 20,1946 of 54 exiles from  Sambal  Eritrea, via two tunnels they’d dug. He was captured and returned to prison and four years later, released. On return he joined the IDF, 89th Battalion, and participated in the conquest of Iraq-Souidan Police and Uja-el- Hafir. During battle, he was the sole survivor from the armoured vehicle in which “Tall Blond Dov” was killed. After release, he studied Humanities and Law at Hebrew University Jerusalem, was certified as a lawyer, worked in the Ministry of Justice, and served as legal consultant in the Ministry of Commerce. He married Chaya Brandwein, fellow Lehi member. They have three children: Sarah, Nava and Yair, plus 14 grandchildren. He was among the followers of Dr. Eldad.  After the Six-Day War he moved with his family to Beit-Hashiv’ah  Jerusalem. He was a regular participant in the publication “Hasulam”. In 1960 he published his book “The Redemption of Israel during the Crisis of the State”, and another book 1979, “Prophecy and Tradition in Redemption”. As a jurist, he tried to establish the superiority of  Hebrew Law. Shabtai passed away on December 29,1978 and was buried on Mt. of Olives.