Yehuda was born  May 20,1920 in Gurlitza Poland. Aged 6 David lost his father, and helped  his mother Hadassah, younger brother and sister, get on. He excelled at  studies in Polish school and at Heder, and loved Bible Studies. At 14 he joined Beitar. He participated in  Beitar’s Leaders course at Lodz, and joined Etzel in Poland 1936.

On Yom Kippur Eve 1939 he arrived in Israel with the clandestine Aliyah,  joined the Beitar division at Yesod Hama’alah and later Etzel. When Etzel split, he joined Lehi and began activities in Rechovot. In March 1941 he was arrested and imprisoned in Jaffa and Akko, then transferred to Mizra Camp, and in December 1942, to Latrun. He helped plan the tunnel through which, he and 19 members escaped on November 1,1943.  Discovering  his mother, brother and sister had all perished in the Holocaust, only increased his motivation for fighting the British, as he wrote in the  Gerliza victims memorial book. Yehuda participated in constructing  a landmines workshop in a bunker, in the Rishon Lezion dunes. He trained  youngsters for fighting off the foreign regime. Arrested in Tel-Aviv during a curfew in 1944, he was interrogated at Jaffa Prison,  beatings and threats included, then  Akko Prison. He was among the first 251 prisoners exiled to Africa, to prison camps at Sambal Eritrea, Carthago Sudan, Eritrea again, and Gilgil Kenya. On June 29,1948 he participated when 54 prisoners escaped from Eritrea camp. They were caught heading for Ethiopia. After establishment of the State, he was hunger-striking with four Lehi exiles at Gilgil Camp, demanding immediate return to Israel; they departed Kenya after 24 hours. Yehuda  returned with the last group, July 12,1948, and joined the IDF. He ran for Knesset on the Warriors’ Party List and was a National Central Election Committee member. Between 1951-1968 he worked at Yediot Acharonot newspaper’s distribution branch. From 1958 was a Toto lottery distributor,  remaining deeply interested in  events unfolding in Israel. Yehuda passed away suddenly, on June 2,1971 leaving behind wife Chaya (a Lehi member), and their children: Avishai, Hadassah and Lior, plus seven grandchildren.