Kalman was born in Vienna on April 20,1922 to Bilha and David Fischel. The family was orthodox, poor, with two brothers a sister. His father was absorbed studying or providing for his family, selling goods near stores. Kalman began studying in a Heder, and by start of  elementary school knew Torah and prayers. He attended school on Sabbath too, but as instructed by his father, didn’t write in class – only after Sabbath ended. He studied at the Jewish high-school named after Rabbi Hayut, studying both Judaic and general subjects; he was a prodigy in all fields. After Hitler invaded Austria he refused the offer to study in  a Yeshiva in England or Hungary. Representatives of “Agudat Israel” predicted he’d become a Gaon if he continued studying. He was beaten by anti-Semitic street- boys. He wanted to make Aliyah. In 1939 he arrived in Israel with the Youth Aliyah, and went to a Religious Kibbutz, Yavneh.  Later he moved to Jerusalem and studied Mathematics and Natural Science at the Hebrew University. He later ceased studies, joined the British Army and served in Egypt with the Supply Corps. At the same time, he was involved  smuggling weapons to Lehi in Israel. When he returned, he was in deep pain due to the Holocaust and the loss of his parents. Nonetheless he continued studies completing his masters degree in Mathematics and Physics with honors. No one, not even sister Rivka or brother Dr. Israel Ben-David, were aware of his activities in Lehi, until he was badly injured in the stomach during the charge into the Old City on May 15,1948. After the assassination of Bernadotte, he was arrested  with  other Lehi members and held at Camp Talbiyeh, Jerusalem. Still injured, he was moved to Jaffa  and later Akko Prisons. After release, he worked in the Negev, and decided to continue his studies in the US. While completing his doctorate at  Berkeley California,  he died in an accident on September 19,1961. He is buried in the Lehi section of Holon Cemetery.