Drora, (born Yona)  was born in Tel-Aviv  October 19,1925. Her parents, Yisrael and Tsipora emigrated from Biyalistock a few years  after World War I and settled in Tel-Aviv. Drora studied at Nordiya High-School and participated in the Community Scouts. From age 13 she was active in Beitar and joined Lehi out of deep identification with its goals, among its first members. During her entire time in the underground, she was luckily never arrested. Her activities were diverse. Before  establishment of the underground press, Drora was the typist of all  info-material and internal documentation, and responsible for stencilling. She transferred explosives and participated in courses and combat operations including the attack on the British Paratroops’ Camp on Hayarkon St. Tel-Aviv. In this operation she was in charge of a group of young recruits carrying out their first assignment. Drora participated in Dr Scheib’s escape (Eldad) from prison and was responsible for transferring him safely from Jerusalem to Bnei-Brak, through Ramalla and the Arab villages, which succeeded due to her focus on navigating their route, without which they would have fallen into the arms of the British police. She served as  liaison for Lehi ‘Center’ leaders Eldad and Nathan Yelin-Mor, delivering messages and communiqués between them. She also liaised  between Eldad and his family members. For him, she symbolised the  very spirit of Lehi members, in terms of concern, sadness and hope. On April 20,1948 she married her Lehi friend Eliezer Ben-Ami, whom she’d known since 1943. After the birth of their son Arnon, she taught school successfully in Pardes-Hanna and  Binyamina. After second son Doron was born 1952, she moved to  teach in Kiryat-Yam and Kiryat-Biyalik, opened a kindergarten, and  was again successful due to the love she poured into the children. From Kiryat-Yam she transferred, following her husband, to Ramat-Gan, where they had Ravit. She has since  dedicated her time to helping people,  practically and in spirit. She became the happy grandmother to six grandchildren. On July 29, 1992 she passed away. She is buried in the Lehi section of Holon cemetery.