Esther was born  1930 in Jerusalem to Gavriel and Sarah. Her parents were Zionistic Jews whose wish was to come to the Land of Israel. In 1922 they came through Iraq with their two children Rivka and Yitzchak. They settled in Jerusalem, and here they had brother Avraham and sister Esther. After some years the family moved to Tel-Aviv for financial reasons. Her father found work in the Tel-Aviv Municipal garage. Their house was nationalistic, nurturing the children to love the homeland and recognize the need to fight for its independence. Soon enough, clandestine meetings were taking place nightly in the City Garage. Eldest son, Yitzchak, joined Etzel, and after the split moved to Lehi. Younger brother Avraham joined Lehi as well.

Esther studied at  ‘Biyalik School’ Tel-Aviv. Her brothers were arrested by the British and held in Latrun. Yitzchak was among the twenty escapees who managed to tunnel their way out. He was killed two days later after running into British police in Ra’anana. Fourteen-year-old Esther and her father began assisting the underground  transfering letters and communiqués to secret contact points throughout the city. On October 19, 1944 the British exiled her brother Avraham to Africa, with other Etzel/ Lehi members. Aged 16 (1946) she joined Lehi and was integrated in the Youth Division. She participated in pasting-up posters, establishing contacts, and locating candidates for recruitment. After a while she was transferred to the Operations Division and

passed a weapons training course excellently. She later took part in operations such as placing mines on railway tracks to derail British military trains, and hijacking a taxi for operational purposes then guarding its driver until the vehicle returned. After establishment of the State and the IDF, Esther enlisted with the other Lehi members and served for two full years. After the war and her discharge, she worked as a kindergarten teacher. She continued as a caretaker at  ‘Na’amat’ day-care centers. Esther married Leon Bassan 1950. Leon passed away  leaving her a solitary widow. Esther passed away on October 3, 2009.