Naomi (Erika) was born on June 15, 1923 in Vienna Austria, to  Ignatz Leo and  Mina. She has an older sister. Her father was a businessman, and her mother a housewife who took care of their two daughters’ education. At the age of 11 she joined the Beitar youth movement in Vienna, in the footsteps of her older sister. When the Germans invaded Austria in 1938, Naomi was studying at high  school, but was expelled after a while, as part of Nazi policy. Life in Austria soon became impossible for Jews, and with  her parents’ consent, she decided to make Aliyah. She joined a youth group organised by the Revisionist Movement, aimed at reaching Israel illegally, within the “Af-Al-Pi” clandestine Aliyah. The group boarded the immigrant ship “Artemisya”, and sailed for 16 days; the ship managed to avoid the British blockade ships, and arrived safely at  Netanya’s shore on November 16, 1938. Etzel members awaited the illegal  immigrants on shore, and escorted them to  safety. After the initial phase, Naomi joined the Netanya Beitar Company  and joined Etzel. A short while later she was sent to the Lieutenants Course which took place in Shuni. In 1941 Naomi moved from Netanya to Ramat-Gan. She joined Lehi in 1942. For a long  while she served in liaison  positions. Her small room on the rooftop of  the  “Beit Grill” house, served at times as the meeting place for members of  Lehi Center  with Hagannah representatives. Moreover, for a certain period, her room held the transmitter for Lehi’s clandestine radio station; on one occasion a broadcast was  made there.

In 1946 Naomi married Avraham (Abrasha) Bash, a Latvian Beitar member, one of the Aliyah Bet leaders, and Etzel member who served in the British Army and later joined Lehi.

Naomi and Avraham have two sons and five grandchildren. After her sons grew up, Naomi worked at a dental clinic during twenty-two years.

Naomi passed away on March 14, 2010.